This post is probably more geared to those who either live off campus or have missed the breakfast window for the dining halls. 

This breakfast should be on every college student’s repitoire of “things I know I can make.” And, you might be 

lucky enough to have most of the ingredients lying around the house. Or you can go my route and make everyone in 

your house/whoever is partaking of this meal bring/buy an ingredient — making this breakfast super cheap. 

Things you will need:





Whatever you want to put in your pancakes. 

How to make it!:

Mix your flour, milk, and eggs to create your pancake batter. I used Buttermilk and added some baking powder to the batter. 

Cut up your fruit or whatever you were going to add to your pancakes into small bite sized peices. 

This morning I was in the mood for some bananas and strawberries — a classic combination. 

Put your skillet on a medium/low setting. Nothing is worse than a burnt pancake!!

Get your butter and lightly coat the bottom of the skillet. Begin pouring your batter into your skillet and proceed to add your fruit or whatever. 

Watch for bubbles, then flip. 

All that is left to do is to consume and enjoy!

Saturday Sep 8 04:54pm

This past week was the best week ever! Simple as that. Every year around this time GR likes to flex its culinary muscles for a week — giving the people some really good food for some really good deals. And I love me some good deals. This year the theme was from ”farm-to-fork!” If you have no clue what this means, either ask someone smarter than you or click here. I’m not going to waste my time explaining what the best week of all time is all about. 

Anyways…Back to what you need to know. 

Brewery Vivant — I’ve been hearing nothing but good about this joint. Belgian style brews, awesome atmosphere, and of course, GOOD FOOD! Let’s face it, if the food sucks then why go? And, it being restaurant week and all, I decided to finally check this place out with my house mate. 

Seeing how neither of us have been to Vivant before, I figure we can give some honest feedback about our experience at the joint 

My initial impression: “Wow, this place is packed…”
(which could be good or bad.) The place has been tricked out to look like the insides of an abbey

Here’s their menus — Notice that you can tip the kitchen. Pretty cool guys. 
Here’s their Restaurant week menu and Here’s what they have on tap. 

First things first: I’m in a brewery. It would be a cardinal sin not to order some brew. (For you kiddies not of age…that sucks.) 

I ordered Solitude and my housemate ordered Farm Hand. 

Now, I like Beer. I wouldn’t call myself a beer snob, but I am one to enjoy a beverage other than your staple bulk beers.  That being said, the beer was not my favorite but still well worth the order. Also, with most of their beers being in the $4-$5 range, you can rest easy knowing that your wallet won’t hate you at the end of the night…..or afternoon.

5 minutes later, yes only five, we got our starters: Farmer’s Market Salad. I swear, this thing tasted like the dudes went out back, picked some herbs, dropped some crumbled cheese on it and put the plate on my table. If you think you’ve had “fresh” salad before, you haven’t. These guys at Vivant are serious about their ingredients. 

Our mains came out shortly after. Grilled flank steak with purple potato confit and local greens. Know now that I am also a steak man. If I cut into a steak and it doesn’t bleed, then it doesn’t deserve my money. I don’t exactly know how to explain to you how tasty this dish was. I’ll just say this: it’s worth way more than what you’re paying for it. 

I’m usually not a stickler for presentation of a dish because I believe the taste will suffice for whatever it lacks in presentation. Also, I’m not pretentious.

However, I must have ignored the “purple potatoes” description because I thought my steak was sitting on a bed of mushrooms. Whatever. I like Potatoes better anyways.

Finally, our dessert arrived. I opted to go for the chef’s choice while my friend chose some berry concoction. My experience up until my desert was beyond expectations. But, when I received my not-actually-on-fire-orange-cake-thing, I was simply bewildered. I mean, look at the picture.

Here I am eating good, simple, filling food accompanied with good beer and this thing was set on my table. Don’t get me wrong, the looks of the dessert blinded me yes, but once I took a bite, It was still tasty. 

What I’m trying to say is the dessert didn’t fit with anything in the place. I know it’s chef’s choice, but come on. I know the guy can cook, I’ve had two of his dishes already, he doesn’t need to give me this fancy orange thing. It was just off the mark for me. I would have enjoyed a simple slice of pie if they had it. Probably would’ve hit the mark as well. 

All in all, the place is Great.
Not good, Great.

Food: Outstanding

Bev: Good

Price: Fair, considering what you’re getting.

This Place has all its ingredients locally sourced. And they’re serious about keeping it that way. So, if you’re not used to this concept, expect to pay a little more than your usual fares. 

Service: Extremely knowledgeble and friendly.
You don’t get the feeling that they are fishing for a tip. 

Atmosphere: A little loud but very casual and welcoming.
It’s like if Calvin College was taught in europe way back in the day, Vivant would be its Johnny’s. 

Recommendation: Go as soon as possible. Preferably with a group. If you want to bring a date get there earlier so you can hear each other. 

Visit their website here.
Dig around, you’ll find some more interesting facts about these dudes. 

Last note: Brewery Vivant has some really cool bathrooms. No sink, just a slab. Go and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. 

Friday Aug 24 07:19pm
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